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dim. 03 mars



Happiness through spirituality - with Emilia & Dení

science of happiness meditation & mindfulness spiritual wellbeing

Happiness through spirituality - with Emilia & Dení
Happiness through spirituality - with Emilia & Dení

Heure et lieu

03 mars 2024, 17:00 – 18:45

Morges, Grand-Rue 68, 1110 Morges, Suisse

À propos de l'événement

Happiness through spirituality

What is spirituality? Is religion necessary for leading a spiritual life? What is the science of happiness? What are the wrong paths to happiness? What is the right path? What is the paradox of happiness? What are different types of wellbeing? What is the difference between formal and informal meditation? What are the four guidelines for the practice of meditation? What are some of the benefits of meditation (beyond the fact that it’s cool to meditate)? What are “oops moments”? Are you present, now? What is the value of being present?

Workshop description :

This practical workshop (in English) led by Emilia and Dení will take you on a journey through the science of happiness to discover the spiritual path toward your well-being. You will learn about mindfulness and experience different types of meditation to choose the one that resonates with you the most. All the practices experienced during this workshop will provide you with the tools to lead a more fulfilled, successful, and happier life. Come as you are, we will take care of you.

This workshop is for you if :

  • you want to practice meditation and you do not know how to start
  • you have practiced meditation before and you want to experience different types of meditation
  • you were wondering if it is difficult to meditate (spoiler: the answer is “no”)
  • you would like to become happier & more successful
  • you always wonder what spirituality is about
  • you want to learn about how to be mindful
  • You want to enjoy your life more

This workshop will enable you to :

  • be introduced to the science of happiness and its benefits
  • find out about the connection between happiness and success
  • understand what SPIRE model is and get to know different types of wellbeing
  • learn how to practice meditation and experience its different types
  • learn what spirituality is and if it needs to involve religion (spoiler: the answer is “no”)
  • learn what can help you to practice meditation on a regular basis
  • learn how to be more mindful in life (and happier!)

All you need to know :

This is an english speaking event.

This workshop creating especially for women.

Sunday 03.03.24 - 17:00–18:45

45 CHF - 6 people max.

Programme :

introduction to the science of happiness

spiritual wellbeing

the whats, hows, and whys of meditation

experience of different meditation practices

mindfulness explained

and more

About the speakers :

Emilia Florek-Guerrero -

Certified Happiness Trainer and Wellness Coach (both in the US), with a postgraduate degree in psychology, Emilia is the founder of HERÍA well-living - a project based on the science of happiness. She guides people through 6 dimensions of wellbeing by applying tools and techniques scientifically proven to be successful (and pleasant!). Emilia works with people by building a safe environment, active listening, and tuning to their hearts.

Dení Vázquez Ackermann -

Certified Happiness Coach & Trainer.

She discovered her passion through Dr. Laurie Santos' "The Science of Well-Being" course at Yale and furthered her studies with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar at The Happiness Studies Academy. Specializing in personalized coaching, dynamic training, and meditation workshops, Dení equips individuals with practical tools to navigate life's challenges and enhance overall well-being.

Registration : In order to subscribe please send a message on Instagram to @emilyinwellness or @denivac, send an e-mail to Emilia: or Dení:

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